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Every season has an anti-season. For spring there is fall. For summer there is winter. In the Philippines there is summer, which happens in April and May, and then… there is the rest of the year which I certainly would not call winter. We were super busy flying guests to resorts all around Palawan and Boracay with the seaplane and then one weekend in late May one of our frequent flyers told me that I won’t be seeing them much for the next few months. She said Summer is over and the kids are heading back to school.


David Celdran, broadcast journalist and the host of an award-winning luxury lifestyle and travel program called Executive Class

How could summer be over so soon? It wasn’t even the longest day of the year. It certainly wasn’t even summer in Canada yet. And the temperatures in Manila were soaring to +40 during the height of the day.

The reality is that the Philippines has summer all year round – at least from the prospective of a Canadian. If it’s warm enough to sit outside on the patio at night enjoying a cold beer without a fire and if you can swim in the ocean without your lips turning blue or your teeth chattering – that means it’s still summer.

David Celdran, broadcast journalist and the host of an award-winning luxury lifestyle and travel program Executive Class, visited the Shangri-la on Boracay Island to show the world that this island resort is still open for business. Ironically David titled his feature program “Farewell to Summer” when the Shangri-la had other ideas.

To provide the Executive Class touch, however, the resort manager called on us for exclusive harbour to beach seaplane service. One hour and 10 minutes after boarding at the Manila South Harbour a Shangri-la guest can arrive at the resort’s beach. Drummers included.

You can jump right in the warm clear waters or enjoy the beautiful private beach or do as we did. Go up for breakfast. David invited the pilots to join him and we talked about seaplanes and their future in the Philippines. It is obvious that even in a place like Boracay where there is a nearby airport that the seaplane makes short visits to far away island so much easier and quicker allowing more time at your destination. While we were enjoying the Shangri-la breakfast other travellers were just getting off their flight from Manila. Then they still had to ride a bus and boat to get to the resort. If the airlines are not delayed they will be lucky to make it for a late lunch.

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Shangri-la’s private beach on Boracay Island Philippines

If the Shangri-la Resort has their way they won’t be experiencing a slow down during the non-summer months. Seasoned guests can enjoy a “summer” holiday to their favorite resorts all year round and the seaplane will be here to fly them.

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